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Why we chose Excellent Montessori

Every parent wants their child to receive the best education possible. For us, that meant sending our son to a Montessori school. While we did look into sending him to a traditional preschool, we immediately fell in love with Excellent Montessori School and knew right away that it would be the best fit for our family for a few reasons.

1. Curriculum

While most preschools teach language arts and mathematics, the Montessori curriculum also adds lessons in practical life skills, sensory awareness and cultural education. Children learn how to be independent and do tasks such as pouring their own drinks and tying their own shoes. They learn using all five senses, instead of just sitting doing worksheets. They also learn about different cultures through lessons in geography, zoology and the arts. In fact, I was surprised that my son pointed out all the provincial flags in Canada a few days ago when I was browsing a kids guide to province   web page.

2. Philosophy

Unlike traditional preschools, where kids are put on structured schedules and pressured into meeting arbitrary standards from the first day, Montessori preschools let children learn through play and discovery. The teacher's job is not to give knowledge; it is to guide children into discovering that knowledge themselves through play. Toys and instructional materials are placed around the room and the children have the freedom to play and learn as they please. Children work at their own pace as they decide what they will learn each day based on their unique interests and skills.

3. Mixed-age Classrooms

One feature of the Montessori program I especially love is their use of the multi-age classroom. My son's class is made of children between age two and half to age six. Last year, when he was the youngest, he had several older children who were able to show him the ropes of preschool. Because he learned from his peers, I believe he caught onto various skills, especially social skills, faster. In two years, he will be the oldest in his CASA class and it will be his turn to impart his knowledge to the younger boys and girls in his class. As he teaches the younger kids, he will reinforce his own knowledge of the skills.

4. Non-competitive Environment

Another great feature of a Montessori education is the non-competitive environment. In traditional schools, students are expected and pressured to be at a certain point in their development by a certain time. If a child is behind in one area, he knows he is behind and this can lead to him feeling stupid or incapable. With a Montessori education, children are measured only against themselves. They are not made to feel inferior for what they have not yet learned, but are praised for what they have.

Unfortunately, the Montessori schools here only go through grade seven at our place. I would love for my son to be able to attend a Montessori school for his whole education, but he will eventually attend a traditional school. I am confident, however, that his time in the Montessori program will leave him well-prepared for the future.

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Letters from former students

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As a Montessori student from ages two to twelve, I have always identified myself as a Montessori child. Even at a very young age, I knew that the Montessori method played a huge part of my life. But it was not until the very last month of school, while applying to colleges, that I realized how profoundly my experience of attending a Montessori has affected me. Looking back, I understand how fortunate I was to have been able to explore my interests and have my curiosity nurtured by the amazing people my Montessori. It has truly made me the person I am today.

The unique aspect of attending a Montessori is that I got to learn things in the classroom that was not part of a simple school curriculum. From the very beginning, things like listening, responsibility, independence, and thoughtfulness were just as important as geography or arithmetic. I have never heard of another school in which the students did things like classroom jobs or reconciling over the Peace Pole. The life skills that Montessori instilled in me are of absolute incalculable worth, and I will take them with me wherever I go.

The other amazing—and to my non-Montessori friends, even baffling—aspect of the Montessori experience is the teachers’ supportiveness of students’ intellectual curiosity. In the true Maria Montessori way, the teachers encouraged me to pursue my interests, whatever they may be. Because of this, I had the opportunity to research and report on things that interested me: marine biology in the first grade, rocks and minerals in second, and countless other topics that fascinated my young mind. In fifth grade, my teacher helped me check out every book I could find on the Civil War after learning about it in a lesson. This is not uncommon at a Montessori School. At the time, I thought this sort of thing was normal, but looking back now, I understand how fortunate I am.

One final thing I love about my Montessori experience is the way much of the material is taught. This is another thing I took for granted while attending a Montessori school, but have come to appreciate. For example, with math, I was not just told math facts or functions—I was shown how they work. With the special materials in the classroom, we students were able to interact with our math problems, giving us a deeper understanding of the material. This approach to learning not only solidified my math basics, but also taught me how to approach new material, even today. I honestly can say I would not have survived AP Calculus this past year without the lessons I learned back at my Montessori school. Thanks to my years at Montessori, I knew to ask questions, get involved, and fully grasp the curriculum, and somehow, I actually enjoyed the class.

This is only a brief glimpse into the world of a Montessori education. I cannot put into words how profoundly the school has shaped me, but I know it has been and always will be a quintessential part of my life. I am so fortunate to have gone to a place surrounded by students with such integrity and with teachers who truly care. I think it is safe to say that I will miss my Montessori school, and I will miss it even more as I move away to my first year of college this fall. 

Life After Montessori 
Life After Montessori by Taylor Willard

Olivia Daniels

The Montessori education is unlike any other way of teaching I've come across over the years.  I never disliked school when I was at Montessori.  The method give kids a chance to express themselves by working on materials they like or need to work on themselves.

My education at Montessori provided me with an excellent knowledge and problem solving base.  The way the teachers signed students up for lessons helped greatly.  I also liked the way students could interact with one another, and work together.

My teacher was one of the top three teachers I've had my entire life.  She was one of the strictest teachers I've had, but she made sure we understood what she was teaching.  I also remember the classmates I was with for seven years.  I still keep in touch with one of the girls, and we are best friends.

I truly believe Montessori gave me a head start compared to all the other kids.  It taught me so much and I just hope that when I have kids, there will be a Montessori where I live.  I will never forget my Montessori experience, and how much it helped me.

EMS is a wonderful education experience.  The most important lesson is the joy of learning.


Former Student

I started going to Excellent Montessori School when I was two years old and continued there through the fifth grade.  My time there was amazing.  I had lots of fun and the education was great.  EMS is a very small school and that helped me in many different areas.  We did not care what we wore to school or that we all had different interests.  We were all friends.  We worked together on science projects and on many researches papers.  We were able to set up our own field trips to do research.  My friend and I planned a trip to the Aquarium when we were writing a paper on dolphins.  We were in the third grade and had to make all the arrangements ourselves.  The three different grades in one class was very helpful.  It gave the older kids responsibility to look after the younger ones and to help them with their work.  The best part of the small classroom was the teacher and student relationship.  Excellent Montessori has the best environment for kids to grow up in.  I have made my best friends and the people who I trust the most while at Excellent Montessori School - they are the teachers.  They helped me through tough times and encouraged me when I was down.  My mother past away when I was eight years old and they helped me greatly with my loss.  I want to thank them for everything they have given me, including helping me find my great love of writing.  EMS has a great program for writing and has helped many children succeed in that area.  I would never give up my time and experiences at Excellent Montessori School.  Thank you very much for helping me and giving me the best times of my life.  I will never forget EMS.


Saraphina Goodrich

I often think about what my education would be like if I could stay at Excellent Montessori School for the rest of my school years. I know I would love it.  The personalized instruction that I received and the hands-on activities that were presented greatly enabled me to be successful in my present school.  I have never learned math very quickly and have always been challenged by it, but while I was at Montessori, I was able to receive more individualized work that helped improve the level of my math skills.

The respect the teachers had for the students, and the students for the teachers, made me look forward to each new day of school.  I felt the teachers were more like friends, and so it was easier for me to accept new things.

I was able to express the things I enjoyed doing, such as dance and acting.  My teachers put up with the constant proof-reading of plays that I had written, and allowed my friends and I to act out. A Montessori education is one of the best that any child can receive.

Life After Montessori  a collection of letters from former students

June was a student at Excellent Montessori School June tells us:

"Montessori taught me how to focus and complete a job, which helps me with homework.  The small class sizes and the "going out" trips that we went on were great!  I remember my great friendships that I made at EMS.  My classmates and I still keep in touch and we have many fond memories.  The Montessori method is a great way for kids to learn.  I benefited greatly from my schooling there.  I miss Excellent Montessori!"

Life after Montessori